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The pain of poor quality hires

Actualizado: 28 dic 2022

The success of a new hire starts with the planning of what the person will join the company for.

​We all know that investing time on recruitment can have a great ROI, nevertheless, everytime we ask the same question: Why should I spend time on recruitment instead of keeping my tasks running?

The best practice is hard to do: It is always recommended to give recruitment priority or we can face some or all of them following problems:

1. Cultural misfit Maybe the candidate has all the qualification of the job and can perform great, but, is this person a Cultural Fit? The fifthy percent of your hires will fail within 18 months, why? studies shown Cultural fit is amoung the identified problems. How to overcome this? Ask the candidate how her/him will act in certain difficult circumstances happening right now in your organization; are you cutting down costs? request the candidate to explain what she would do if asked to reduce 30% of their budget within one month. Unconfortable questions get the best results, always be kind and give the candidate time to think or structure the answer.

2. Poor performance Some companies will value the willingness to learn over experience, the approach has many benefits including lower hiring cost and job opportunity for bright and less experienced talent. Nevertheless, without a onboarding program and training materials the learning curve can increase infinitely, then the new recruit will end up fired or leaving on their own. How to overcome this? Create a list of documents, courses and tools that any new hire needs to be successful in the job you are hiring for; then add some materials, it doesn't have to take much of your time, links to materials online are okay and add how many time (in hours) should take for the new comer to read, understand and test their new skills. Once the person joins the team provide the list and follow up on their progress.

3. Different expectations When we post a job with only a few tools or years of experience listed, we will not be able to attract the talent willing to do what we need them to do. It happens quite often on software development: If there is no specification of whether the job will be maintenance or new features development, you will end up with someone without motivation to perform well. ​​How to overcome this? The job description is our best ally to set expectations right. The recommendation is to add at least 6 lines of daily activities and, another paragraph with the skills and years of experience required.

Every leader's nightmare is to face unwilling employee or not having the right person for the task.

To avoid all these problems it is recommended to work with a Recruitment Partner​, we can provide full-time recruitment services, create an onboarding process and work with your HR team to build a retention program.

Review our success case "Chat-bot Startup" to learn more of what we did, how we did it and the achievements.

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