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Image by John Schnobrich

Lead Generation Company

Headquartered in Utah with offices in the Philippines, it was unsuccessfully trying to expand its departments in Mexico, however, 6 months without a single hire led to delays in its projections.


With a hiring plan for 50 collaborators in less than 6 months, we managed to achieve the objective they were looking for in the country.


With 3 Dedicated Recruiters we were able to implement their offices near Guadalajara and they saved more than 40% in recruitment costs

Desarrolladores de juegos

Development Tools Startup

One of our clients is a SaaS startup completing lines of code for Python and other languages ​​with HQ in Silicon Valley.


LAAgencia Dedicated Recruiters work on different job boards, social networks with premium accounts and email extraction tools to reach passive candidates for this client.


Currently they received a second round of investment and are again in the expansion stage.

Image by Pradamas Gifarry

Chat-bots Startup

Mexican startup that develops Chatbots for Customer Support of transnational companies grows as much as its demand and is not limited by the ability to attract talent.

With more than 30 unfilled vacancies due to growth, they decided to look for a Premium Talent Attraction Partner who understood their needs as well as generating savings for each employee hired.

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