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Recruitment IT

We have a sourcing team as support throughout the recruitment process.

Our business model is based on a monthly subscription and, in addition, we have a 6-month guarantee on all contracts.

Personalized Consultancy


Working Plan

We build a tailored-made plan just for you,  there are no two companies alike, that's why part of our success is based on understanding our client.


Immediate Communication

We keep you updated during the entire process. We provide fast responses via Whatsapp, Slack, E-mail, Google  Hangouts or phone calls, or the  platform of your choosing.


Significant Savings

Our focus is to provide the maximum  ROI. Our business model was created  based on our client's feedback. 


Guarantee of Excellence

We are a recruitment, talent development, and retention premium solution. We have the  best personalized guarantees in the industry to protect your investment.

Project management from beginning to end



We use robust and successful platforms  that help us attract the best talent quickly  and efficiently. 


Coordination Process

We communicate and follow up on  technical challenges, schedule  

onsite or virtual technical calls as  well as pair programming sessions. 


Policies and Procedures

We create policies and procedures to  be legally compliant with Government  regulations on job descriptions, contracts, offers, payroll, training, and  lay-offs. 


​Talent Development and

We design and execute talent development and Retention programs using the best and up to-date practices in the industry.

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